What to Look for in a Business Coach (TPL 008)

Are you looking for a business coach?

Does it seem confusing on how to find one?

These 5 simple questions will give you all the direction you need to find the right business coach for you. It's time to take out the guess work and get ready for an amazing coaching experience.

Are you looking for a business coach? Does it seem confusing on how to find one? These 5 simple questions will give you all the direction you need to find the right business coach for you. It's time to take out the guess work and get ready for an amazing coaching experience!  LEARN HOW TO FIND YOUR BUSINESS COACH HERE ✨ https://meganminns.com/blog/what-to-look-for-in-a-business-coach

So I am really excited to talk to you about how to find the right coach for you, what to look for and share a little bit about my perspective on finding the coach for you and why you might even want a coach.

So I think we need to start there.

If you've never worked with a coach before, why do you need a coach?

Do you need one?

What's the whole thing with coaching?

I think the best way to describe it is a pretty cliche example, but I have found it's just the one that makes the most sense to the most people.

It's that if you look at any professional athlete or performer or singer or anyone —anyone who is a professional anything—they have a coach.

Whether it's a coach that helps Tiger Woods when the masters or if it's a coach that helps whoever just won the basketball tournament that just happened.

Y'all, I'm sorry, I'm not like the most sportsy person, but you get the point.

Athletes in particular are known for having coaches.

And while I don't want to have to go down this whole sports metaphor of how we are high performers as business owners and we need coaches, the same principles are true.

I really believe that no matter what you do, whether you're a coach, a service provider, a course creator, or you maybe have a physical business, anyone and everyone, even if you're a professional working a job that you love, full time job or a part time job, you can benefit from having a coach.

I really believe that a life and business coach can be so transformative to the way you play your game, whatever that game is.

I have worked with coaches on and off since I started my business and I was definitely working with coaches while I was side hustling. and while I was fully self employed.

You can work with coaches in a lot of different ways.

I would say the biggest way to work is a coach is usually a one off session with a coach where you have a one, one time session and you try to get a lot done in that one session but there's no ongoing support.

And on the other end it’s usually some kind of ongoing relationship. I am talking mostly about one on one coaching here, but this could apply to a group coaching program as well.

Why Work with a Coach

I really love working with a coach for a few different reasons:

I think it's really great to have someone in your life that you can talk to about your business without ever feeling an ounce of guilt.

Because if no one in your personal life as an entrepreneur, it might feel like it's hard to talk to someone about it and if you're a solopreneur or maybe you have a team but you don't feel like you have that person you can just access and talk to about your business, then this is going to be a game changer for you.

It feels so good to just have that permission to just share your ideas and talk about your problems and have a partner in solving them.

And usually you also want to work with a coach because you want to learn something.

You want someone who can teach you how to do something. Maybe not strategies that you don't know how to do, but who can really help you identify problems that maybe you're not identifying.

Someone who can help you come up with some creative solutions for the problems, give you some new insights, hold you accountable, and be your partner and achieving your goals.

That's what I really like to look for and I have worked with mentors and coaches in all different capacities and they're all incredible.

I really want to zero in on this conversation about how to find the right coach for you and this is very fresh on my mind because I actually just hired a new coach.

Finding my Own Coach

I actually stopped working with my coaches when I started working full time in February of 2018.

I think I had some weird mindset block around the idea that once I was an employee I didn't need a coach because I didn't have my own dreams anymore. It wasn't a healthy story to tell.

It was not the right approach mentally because I just really like having that kind of support no matter what I'm doing professionally.

But I hadn't worked with a coach since then.

I did do one, one off session with a coach that I really like in the Summer of 2018 and that was great, but recently in the past few months I have been realizing that I really need the support a coach can provide.

I need that help, especially as we start doing more with my business.

Again, I'm looking to grow, I'm stretching myself in new ways, challenging myself in new ways and I have some pretty big goals for this year.

I was really feeling like there were moments where I was hitting some resistance or things felt hard where I felt stuck, and that I wished I had a partner to help pull me out of that. Someone to help me work through that resistance, help me push past and I felt like I didn't really have that.

I had some friends I could talk to and I could mention it to my husband or some of my friends. But in real life, it just wasn't the same thing.

I really needed someone who knew strategies to help me push through that resistance, helped me see things from a different perspective, challenge me in a way that I want to be challenged.

And so for the past few months I was kind of putting it out there that I was looking for a coach and really I would say the past two weeks got very serious about it.

So what I'm about to outline for you is exactly what I went through to find the right coach for me and y'all, I'm so excited to be working with my coach. We've already been talking this week.

I have my first real call with her tomorrow, and you know you've found the right coach when you're just can't wait to have your first call with them and you just get so excited.

So these steps have really helped me find the right coach for me. I'm really excited for them to help you find the right coach for you, too.

How to Find a Business Coach

These are just questions that I'm going to walk you through that you need to ask yourself and answer in order to guide you through finding the right coach.

Question #1: What do I want to accomplish?

So the first thing you need to ask yourself is what do I want to accomplish?

Take a few minutes and write down what you're actually trying to achieve right now.

Whether it's in the next 90 days, or the next year.

What are you striving towards?

What are you trying to build or grow or launch?

What goals you're trying to hit personally or professionally?

You need to start there because once you know what kind of goals you're trying to hit, it's going to help inform you on what kind of coach you need and maybe making sure that you are finding the right coach who can help you with those specific things.

Take a few minutes and map out exactly what you're trying to achieve right now. I’ll wait 😉

Question #2: Where do I need help?

The second question is where do you need help?

Where are you getting stuck?

You're probably not looking for a coach unless you are realizing that there are moments of resistance. There are things that hold you back. There are things that make you feel stuck.

That's pretty normal when you're going through phases of growth, but you can find someone to help you get through those.

So what is holding you back?

Where in the process are you getting stuck?

What are the things that really are proving challenging for you?

One thing for me recently, just to help put an example to this, was mindset issues.

I've been really leaning into exploring mindset for the past few months and I'm loving it and I feel like I've grown so much in this area.

But as I step into this next level of my business, I have realized that a lot of fear and uncertainty and resistance came up when I had the moment where I could do something radical to step into that next level.

I froze and I pretty much had a week, this was last week, where I froze and I got stuck and I just did nothing. Like, I did nothing that helped me towards my goals.

Even though I was working and I had my job and it was doing things and I was being productive as we've talked about.

It's not just productivity for productivity sake, it should be intentional and so I totally did the thing that I know better than to do, but I got stuck.

I froze. I froze in this mindset of fear and insecurity and doubt and over analyzing myself and feeling like I didn't know enough and “who am I?” and just an explosion of mindset issues came up out of the blue.

And even though I have some tools in my tool belt to work through those, doing it alone wasn't getting me there.

It was a whole new level. I haven't ever experienced crossing that threshold before and the tactics I thought I knew to cross it weren't helping me.

I was still stuck, and I was stuck because I was able to hide being stuck. No one else knew I was stuck. No on Instagram knew I was stuck.

I was no one on my email list knew I was stuck.

It was this little hidden secret and so I could just be stuck and no one knew and I just was having this moment as I was stuck.

And I knew that if I just finally had a coach, I know they would help me get through this. They would hold me accountable. They would have identified this. They would give me tools and tactics and support in pushing through this and challenge me.

And I was like, that's what I need.

So that was really pushed me over the edge with working with my coach.

But where are you stuck?

Is it mindset?

Is it strategy?

Is it doubting yourself?

Most of it's probably mindset related when you boil it down.

Or maybe you don't know where to start.

Maybe you don't know the next step.

Maybe you don't know the strategy.

Maybe you need help in a lot of different ways.

That’s question two: where are you getting stuck?

Question #3: How much support do I want right now?

The third question to ask yourself is how much support do you want right now?

I have definitely been in phases where I don't want an ongoing coach. I just want a one off session. That's all I need. Let's get in, let's get out, I'm good.

And then there are other times like for me right now where I know I need ongoing support.

If you're in a period of really big change, ongoing support might be the most beneficial.

In my experience, when I'm in big periods of change, I like ongoing support because I know that there's a difference between planning for the change, being in the midst of the change and then dealing with life after the change.

I'm going through some big changes right now in my life and I knew that I wanted someone to help me through all parts of that transition and that change.

What capacity do you want?

Do you want one on one?

Do you want a group?

Do you want a whole year?

Do you want one session?

What are you looking for?

Start working to figure out what kind of support you really wanting.

Then at this point, after those three questions, you should be able to have a good idea for what kind of coach are looking for.

Pause: Have some coaches in mind.

And hopefully you have a few people in mind already.

Before you come to question four, you really want to have a few people in mind.

So when I was just recently hiring my coach, I had a few coaches that I worked with previously.

Some people I've been connected with recently on Instagram. Some people I've been following and really like what they're doing.

And I had a few people in mind already of who I thought I wanted to work with.

So after asking those three questions, I went ahead and moved on to question four.

You can keep going even if you don't have that list, but it's the most effective when you do have a few people kind of in play already.

Question #4: Is your list of potential coaches living the life you aspire to?

So the fourth question is are the people that you're considering working with and learning from, are they living the life that you're trying to live and is their business the type of business you are trying to build?

That's a pretty broad question, but it covers a lot of things.

So for example, if you are offering coaching services and let's say you don't want to do sales calls, then you shouldn't work with a coach who's going to teach you how to do sales calls.

If that's how they make their money, you should work with a different coach who has a successful coaching business without sales calls.

Does that make sense?

So you want to make sure that whoever you're working with is embodying that life and business that you're aspiring to build and that you're working towards because you want someone who can help you get there.

Now they don't have to be 100% perfectly living that life, but it’s more about what are they embodying.

Is their life and business something that you're aspiring to?

Do they have the same perspective as you?

That was really important for me, especially recently.

I'm really trying to build a business where it's based around fun, which is just the complete opposite direction than I've ever gone.

I've always come at it from a strategic, reverse engineer of your goals. I'm not saying it’s a bad approach.

I still obviously do that to an extent, but I've really been trying to shift gears and think about it from a different perspective of saying, I want to record this episode because it feels fun.

I literally wouldn't be recording this episode right now if it didn't feel fun.

And when I came and sat down here to record, guess what? I actually plan on doing several different episodes, but they didn't feel fun. So I did different topics. So it's a very different perspective for me.

I'm not trying to hustle 24/7 I'm not trying to fill every single slot on my calendar.

I'm not trying to do all the things and do the most.

I'm really trying to do less and have a higher impact and enjoy my life more and have it all. So I really want to make sure I'm working with a coach who's doing those things.

I don't want to learn from a coach who's working 60 hour weeks because I don't want to have 60 hour weeks.

I want to work with someone who still binge watches Netflix and who reads romance novels and who has time to work out and take care of themselves and has this luxurious morning routine.

Those are the things that I'm trying to strive for and incorporate in my life, so I want to make sure I'm working with someone who who's doing that and embodying that already.

So you want to make sure you're doing the same. My examples don't need to be your examples. Maybe you do want to work with someone who's just hustling and like crushing it and doing all this stuff. Awesome. My examples are just to help make this make more sense.

Question #5: Do you like talking to your potential coach?

The last question that I think you should ask yourself when you're evaluating who to work with and who's the right coach for you is do you want to talk to them?

Is this a person that you love talking to?

You can't get enough of them.

They feel like a friend. Not that you have to be best friends but that you feel like you can be yourself with.

You feel comfortable.

You don't feel like how you have to hide or show a different version of yourself.

Are you looking for a business coach? Does it seem confusing on how to find one? These 5 simple questions will give you all the direction you need to find the right business coach for you. It's time to take out the guess work and get ready for an amazing coaching experience!  LEARN HOW TO FIND YOUR BUSINESS COACH HERE ✨ https://meganminns.com/blog/what-to-look-for-in-a-business-coach

You can come to the conversation truly being you, and you can't wait to talk to that person, because you want your coach to be excited to talk to you.

But as the client, you want to be excited to talk to your coach. You should look forward to those calls. You should be engaging with their stuff on social media because you just can't get enough of their stuff already.

Ideally you're pretty big fan. I don't want to sound too extreme about it, but ideally you simply like this person. You support them, you like engaging with them, you like interacting with them.

For the coach I just hired, we have been Instagram DM-ing. We were doing voice memos back and forth for gosh, well over a month and I just got to know her even before I was a potential client.

Now from her perspective, maybe she knew I was a potential client, but I didn’t know. I didn't even enter our relationship with that in mind and as I got to know her better, I realized how much I liked her and how much she embodied what I'm trying to do.

It just kind of fell into place when I started analyzing all the different coaches I could work with.

It was kind of a no brainer that like, well I love all of these, all of these women, I have no negative thoughts about any of them, but like who do I want to jump on a phone call with?

Who do I want to talk to?

Who do I feel like I can be myself with?

Well for me, it was this woman.

So that is really the icing on the cake. That was the last question that after all of this I had just such clarity on who the right coach was for me and made that decision to work with her.

And I have my first call with her tomorrow and I just can't wait to talk to her. I mean we've been chatting all week but I'm pumped.

So, that is how I went about finding the right coach for me. That is really, really, this has been a great process for me.

Private Coaching with Me, Megan

So I hope this helps you find the right coach for you also.

And if you've gone through this process andyou are looking for a coach, I do just want to go ahead and throw it out there that I am doing one on one coaching now.

It starts in May, and you can go ahead and click here to learn more about how we can work together and how I can support you.

And I really hope you do go through this process and if you go through these questions and I seem like someone you might want to work with, reach out.

And I would love to help you both personally and professionally achieve your goals and overcome all the different ups and downs that it can take to get there, because I totally believe in you and know that you can do it.

So that's how I found a coach, and I also coach.

I believe that all coaches should have a coach and I really hope you found this valuable.

If so, please be sure to share it. I would love to hear from you and again, if you want to work together or want to learn more, be sure to go to click here to learn more about how we can work together. I can't wait to hear from you.

Thank you for listening!

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