5 lessons learned after one year as a full-time entrepreneur

5 Lessons Learned From My First Year As A Full-Time Business Owner | I'm sharing the five lessons I learned after being a full-time entrepreneur for one year! Find out what they were by going to >> http://meganminns.com/blog/lessons-learned-year-one

This week is my one year anniversary of leaving my corporate job and becoming a full-time business owner!

After “side hustling” since the summer of 2013, this was a moment that I dreamed of and fantasized about for a long time. 

And let me tell you something, it has been a dream come true!

It hasn’t been perfect. It hasn’t been easy. And I’ve gone through some really emotional, stressful, frustrating, and disappointed times in the past 12 months. 

But I know now that the risk I took 12 months ago was the right decision and it has been worth every thing it took to get to this point. 

All of the time I spent side hustling? 

Worth it.

All of the hours I worked? 

Worth it.

Every social event I had to pass up to work?

Worth it. (Sorry friends, I still love you!)

So I wanted to share with you 5 (okay, really 6) lessons that I learned in my first year of being a full-time business owner.  


Lesson #1: Take care of yourself.

I mean this in a lot of different ways, mentally, spiritually, physically, but just in every sense of the way.

You are your business when you're a full-time business owner. Without you, it ain't happen at least at the beginning.

So get some sleep, eat the right food, get your nails done, get a massage, workout, and do whatever makes you feel like your best you!

Your body is your biggest business asset - protect it.

Lesson #2: Create an environment you love.

Working from home full-time has shown me how important it is to have a workspace that inspires me and is comfortable. 

So make sure your workspace inspires you! Get the right ergonomic set up, get some natural light, decorate with things that inspire you and delight you. 

Lesson #3: Set expectations and boundaries.

Its vital that you set expectations and boundaries with friends, family, and those you work with. 

Whether its the hours you work, when you're launching, or anything else, miscommunication will just add stress on you and your relationships.

Lesson #4: Having a plan is essential.

Don't get overwhelmed - you don't have to have everything planned out. But you should have a plan for each day. 

I notice a HUGE shift in my productivity - and my mind - when I have a plan for the day. Knowing when I'm really done working and feeling zero guilt about it is life-changing. 

Lesson #5: Mindset is everything.

A positive mindset is essential. If you believe you can't be successful, that you can't launch this course, that you can't pull this off, then you won't. 

Plain and simple. Believe in yourself. Genuinely and sincerely. 

BONUS lesson #6: You have to do the work.

I wasn't planning on throwing in a sixth lesson but I just couldn't help myself. You have to do the work. 

Running a business is terrifying. Whether its hosting webinars, launching a course, or sending out emails, none of it is easy at first. But suck it up buttercup and do the work.

If you want to run a business, you're going to have to take risks and do things that scare you, but it is worth it! 

What are the biggest lessons you've learned in business so far?

Leave them in the comments below so we can all benefit from your experiences!