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Q&A: Health Goals, Intuitive Hits, Overwhelm, and More! (TPL 036)

In this episode, I'm answering your questions from Instagram! Everything from health goals, intuition, overwhelm, batching, and more.

I love getting to answer your questions and really just have a personal conversation.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram so we can connect and I can more episodes like this one with your questions.

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How Cami Went from Working 24/7 to Having Hobbies in 4 Weeks (TPL 035)

In this episode, I chat with Cami Farey, a designer and digital stratigest, about her transformative experience in my program, Intuitive Execution™.

Cami went from burnt out, spending all of her time working, to having spacious, fun-filled days where her work feels light without sacrificing results.

You're going to love this episode as we delve into Cami's experience with perfectionism, mindset, systems, intuition, and more.

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Are You Ignoring Your Intuition? (TPL 034)

Are you burning yourself out? 🔥

In this episode, I’m going to share with you what burnout is, how to know if you’re on the path to burnout, and why you keep burning out all the time!

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Are You Burning Yourself Out? (TPL 033)

Are you burning yourself out? 🔥

In this episode, I’m going to share with you what burnout is, how to know if you’re on the path to burnout, and why you keep burning out all the time!

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Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back? (TPL 032)

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? 💭

In this episode, I’m going to share with you why your beliefs matter and how they shape your experiences and results.

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Are You Self-Sabotaging? (TPL 031)

Are you self-sabotaging? 😳

In this episode, I’m going to share with you what self-sabotage is and how you may be sabotaging yourself right now!

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Why Achieving Your Goals Doesn't Really Matter (TPL 030)

Goal Achievement language and behavior is rampant, especially for us online business owners. We're always hearing things like "crushing your goals" "hitting your goals" and the like.

The reality is, achieving your goals doesn't matter --it doesn't actually reflect what's most important.

In this episode, I'll be talking about why we keep thinking that achieving our goals is the most important thing, how to reframe that narrative, and how to ultimately set yourself on a path of happiness and fulfillment.

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How to Overcome Perfectionism (TPL 028)

If you're a perfectionist, you know how hard it can be to overcome perfectionism. Maybe it hasn't worked in the past.

In this episode, I'm sharing my story of living as a perfectionist and how I was able to overcome perfectionism and step into my true self.

I'm showing up more confident and feeling more me every day, and I want the same for you. Perfectionism can be disastrous to your work and your business, and it's time to kick it to the curb.

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3 Reasons Mindset is Important for Happiness and Fulfillment (TPL 027)

In this episode, I'll share three of the biggest reasons mindset is important for your happiness and fulfillment.

Focussing on your mindset is foundational to your life, how you feel, and how you respond to things happening around you.

Mindset has truly changed my life, and I'm excited to share how you can start focussing on your own mindset to change yours, too.

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How to Journal for Increased Productivity, Clarity, and Self-Awareness (TPL 026)

Today I'm sharing four different types of journaling to use to gain more productivity, clarity, and self-awareness in your business and life.

I'll go through some key differences between this type of journaling and keeping a diary as well as paper journaling versus digital journaling.

Make sure you also download my FREE journaling prompts so you can get started with your own life-changing journaling session.

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Self-Discipline for Rebels with Courtney Chaal (TPL 025)

Today I'm talking with Courtney Chaal, the founder of The Rule Breakers Club.

Historically, Courtney hasn't been the most self-disciplined person, and we're diving into the incredible transformation she's been on this year.

We're diving deep into the psychology of making changes, building habits, and why it's so important to truly get to know yourself.

There are so many nuggets of magic from Courtney in this episode, I can’t wait for you to listen!

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