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  • Design Your Dream Life Academy - My favorite course for learning how to master your mindset, emotions, productivity, time management, goal-setting, and habits.

  • Blog With a Full-Time Job - The perfect course if you want to start a profitable blog and business while working full-time.


  • Webcam - For higher quality video calls

  • DSLR Camera - For crisp photographs and high quality videos

  • 50mm Lens - For creating beautiful blurry backgrounds in video and photo

  • Camera Tripod - This tripod makes it easy to film, do smooth pans, and keeps your camera sturdy

  • Microphone - Amazing audio quality that won't break the bank

  • Microphone Windscreen - To keep your spit off the microphone ;)

  • Microphone Stand - To keep your microphone from shaking when you type on your keyboard

  • Lighting Kit - For getting just the right light in your videos

  • Ring Light - When you're ready to get a higher quality direct light, this is the best you can do



  • Ergonomic Chair - Its comfortable and adjustment so that I can use it no matter what height my desk is at

  • Large Desk Top - Tons of surface area and attaches easily to the legs of my standing desk

  • Adjustable Height Standing Desk - So you can sit or stand

  • Dresser - This dresser is perfect for office storage

  • Home Wifi System - This works with your existing internet to provide strong and secure coverage to your entire home

  • Essential Oil Diffuser - Diffusing oils in my office helps me create an environment that is calming and focus-oriented

  • Essential Oils - I love this 16-pack of oils so that you can sample different scents and see how you like them

  • Laptop Stand - For getting your laptop eye level

  • Display Monitor - For having more screen space to work

  • External Hard Drive - For backing up and storing your files

  • Mouse - Wireless and connects easily to my laptop

  • Keyboard - Wireless and connects easily to my laptop

  • Printer - Wireless printing from all devices

  • Scanner - The best high-quality, wireless scanner so you can go paperless

  • USB Port Hub - This hub makes it easy to keep all of my equipment plugged in to one place with only one USB getting plugged in to my laptop - plus it has fast-charging ports to charge my phone while I work

  • Wireless Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - These headphones are so comfortable and help make it easy to stay focused while you work