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Why You Need to Raise Your Prices Right Now

November 19, 2020

This episode will help you understand how increasing your rates helps you grow your business AND helps your clients.


For over six years, Megan has been helping people learn how to live a more meaningful, productive, and simplified life where they can truly have it all: a satisfying career, a fulfilling personal life, a strong mindset, and fun along the way! 


Are you undercharging for your services, products, and programs?

Almost every single client that comes into my program Empowered CEO is undercharging and in need of a price increase… and chances are that you are too!

This can lead to running out of money, a lack of money to reinvest in yourself, not being able to afford a team, or even pay yourself sustainably!

Raising your prices could also mean that you can work less and focus more on serving and delivering!

Regardless of whether you’re a coach, course creator, or service provider, this episode will help you understand how increasing your rates helps you grow your business AND helps your clients experience better results.

That’s why I am sharing, why you need to raise your prices right now.


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In this episode, we’re talking all about:

  • How to determine if you are undercharging
  • How raising your prices can help you reinvest in your business
  • How raising your prices can help you grow
  • How raising your prices can help you better serve your clients
  • and so much more!


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I'm Megan and I help ambitious women thrive in business, career, and life.

For over six years, I have been helping women learn how to feel calm, confident, and fulfilled at work and in their personal life by teaching productivity + systems, hiring + leadership, and self-care + mindset. We believe you CAN have it all. Does that sound good to you? Then you're in the right place!

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