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Overcome Insecurities on Social Media with This One Mindset Change (TPL 007)

April 22, 2019

Learn how I made this one simple, yet incredibly powerful mindset change.


For over six years, Megan has been helping people learn how to live a more meaningful, productive, and simplified life where they can truly have it all: a satisfying career, a fulfilling personal life, a strong mindset, and fun along the way! 


Creating and sharing content on any platform can be terrifying and bring doubts and insecurity to even the most confident people.

That fear and insecurity held me back in business and in my life for so long, until I made this one, quick, simple, yet incredibly powerful mindset change.

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Overcome Insecurities on Social Media with This One Mindset Change - Megan Minns

Creating and sharing content on any platform can be terrifying and bring doubts and insecurity to even the most confident people. That fear and insecurity held me back in business and in my life for so long, until I made this one, quick, simple, yet incredibly powerful mindset change.  TRANSFORM YOUR MINDSET HERE ✨

Perfectionist in Recovery

Sharing on social media has not always been easy for me. I’m a recovering perfectionist and it’s still not easy for me all the time.

I am not perfect.

I still struggle.

Sometimes it feels easier and sometimes it feels harder.

But ever since I started the podcast and sharing more consistently on social media and Instagram, I have been getting some questions about how you can overcome your insecurities around sharing content and creating content.

There has been one major shift that I have made that has helped me overcome that feeling of insecurity, self consciousness, or over analyzing what I’m about to share on any medium.

Whether it’s a blog post, a podcast episode, any kind of content, social media products, anything.

And I really think this shift, this mindset change, this new thought process, is going to impact you and help you create and share more content easily without that over analyzation, that questioning, that doubt that can so easily pop up when you’re being vulnerable and sharing something.

Because we’ve all felt that before: we wonder if what we’re creating and sharing has any value at all.

We wonder who we are to share this truth or our thought or our experience.

Some of us may even struggle with feeling like it’s selfish or conceited somehow to talk about yourself and your lessons and what’s going on and what you think is important or helpful.

And I have been there, I have thought those things, I understand them, but this mindset shift is going to really change everything for you.

The One Mindset Change You Need to Make

Okay, so let’s dig in. It’s very simple.

The mindset shift you need to make to help you overcome your insecurities with sharing on social media and any kind of content is to tell yourself that if you are feeling compelled to share something, that it can only mean there is someone who needs to hear it.

Let me say that again.

If you have an idea, a thought, a gut feeling, that intuitive hit, that moment where you feel compelled to open Instagram stories and share something, that moment to write an email, create a blog post, record a podcast or anything and everything in between, you have to trust that that means there is someone out there who needs to hear it and you have to trust that and go for it and share it.

And I tell myself this multiple times throughout the week.

This isn’t something you say to yourself once and it sticks. Definitely not. You have to keep reminding yourself that, and I just have to tell myself that if I don’t share this because I’m insecure, if I let my insecurities prevent me from sharing, then that one person who needs to hear it won’t hear it.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking this doesn’t mean you think you’re super important or you’re very self righteous or you’re the most profound person that’s ever existed. We don’t have to go to that extreme.

It’s actually the opposite because when you start to realize that this gut thought, this intuitive thing that came to you that you wanted to share— when you think and realize that someone out there needs to hear that from you in that moment, it’s actually very humbling and it completely shifts your mindset because it’s no longer about you.

It’s about helping someone.

It’s not about your thoughts or your feelings or your day or your insecurities. It’s just truly about helping someone and you’ve got to just think about it from that perspective of serving someone.

And if you let your fears and doubts and insecurities prevent you from sharing, then you are preventing someone else from getting help or inspiration or education or motivation or connection or whatever it is they can get from you sharing your content.

So anytime I feel like I want to share something, I trust my gut and I do my best.

Again, I’m not perfect every single time it happens, I’m not great at it, but more than ever I trust my gut and I share it.

I don’t really question how does this fit into my niche? How does this fit into my brand story? How does this fit into my products?

And those aren’t bad thoughts, I’m not saying you shouldn’t think those. But when you have that moment where you feel compelled to share and maybe it’s something you’ve never shared before, I want to encourage you to share it.

What to do when you can’t post in the moment

Now. If you’re in a situation where you can’t actually post your inspiration on Instagram right then or post on stories or create a podcast, that’s okay.

You actually have options to go ahead and still capture it, so that you don’t lose that feeling, that thought, that inspiration. And there are a lot of different ways you could do that.

You could record your thoughts by taking a note on your phone, or writing something on a piece of paper, but what I’ve actually found the most impactful for me, is to record a voice memo.

So whatever phone you have it probably has a voice memo capability and I would encourage you that in that moment of inspiration, even if you can’t sit down and actually create the piece of content, record what you’re thinking.

I actually did that for this very piece of content and I recorded a blip of audio. I think I had about a two minute clip, and I recorded it over a month ago and it was because I had gotten some questions in my Instagram DMs after the podcast launch and I was helping people and I shared unexpectedly this realization that I had been doing without even really figuring out what I was doing.

I shared it with someone in DMs and I knew in that moment that this was something that I wanted to share on the podcast, but I didn’t have a moment to actually sit down and record the episode.

I didn’t have a moment to outline what this episode would look like or even turn it into an Instagram post, but I did have time to whip out my voice memo, give myself a little voice memo clip of what’s going on.

I shared the context of why I’m sharing it and then just went off the cuff sharing what the lesson was, what the gut instinct was, what I felt like I needed to share.

What was really great is that when I sat down to record this episode, I went back and listened to that audio clip and it put me right back into that source of inspiration.

I was able to go right back to that moment where I felt so passionate about this. It was so heavy on my heart. It was something I knew I needed to share, and just by listening to myself be in that zone again, I’m able to channel that and be back in that place instantly.

So if you can capture an audio clip, I would recommend that you go ahead and capture it and then save it in Google Drive or in Evernote or ever you can where you won’t forget it, and go back and reference it before you actually create the piece of content.

And if your audio clip is actually really good, bonus points for you getting to use that in content.

One of my friends, Alex Beadon has a great podcast, On Purpose with Alex Beadon. If you’ve never heard it, I highly recommend it.

My friend Amanda Boleyn from She Did It Her Way also did this!

Both were different circumstances, but they had both captured a story, a thought, a lesson they learned and experience they were going through in a voice memo. I don’t know logistically how they captured it, but something kind of off the cuff and weeks or months later they added it into a podcast episode of theirs.

So if your audio clip is actually good, you can do that. I couldn’t do that for this episode because I was breathing very heavily and making tons of noise cause I was doing stuff around the house quickly before meeting.

So it’s okay if you can’t, but I just wanted to throw that little pro tip out there that if you do record an audio clip, the cool thing about it is sometimes you can actually just repurpose that exact audio clip.

But no matter how you capture this inspiration, whether you’re able to share it immediately or not, I just want you to come at this from the angle that there is one person who’s listening, reading, watching or just going to stumble across you, who needs to hear whatever it is that you’re going to share that you feel inspired to share.

These moments of inspiration are the most important to capitalize on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t preplan what content you’re going to share and be more strategic.

You don’t always have to come from that place of like instant in the moment inspiration, but just think about any content you’re sharing, whether it’s spontaneous or if it’s planned and strategic. Just trust that it’s going to help someone and that someone needs to hear it and it will make a difference.

It will make it easier for you to put out that piece of content in whatever medium it is more consistently, feeling good about it, feel more confident and do that more and more often.

Becoming Less Attached to the Content Your Create

And if it only helps one person, it’s worth it. It’s not about you.

This mindset shift is really going to help you, especially if you’re someone who’s maybe a perfectionist or often over analyzes and kind of doesn’t do anything cause you get analysis paralysis.

Creating and sharing content on any platform can be terrifying and bring doubts and insecurity to even the most confident people. That fear and insecurity held me back in business and in my life for so long, until I made this one, quick, simple, yet incredibly powerful mindset change.  TRANSFORM YOUR MINDSET HERE ✨

I’ve been there, I can speak from experience about being in that situation, but by thinking this way, you become less attached to the content you create.

You can just put it out there, trust that whoever’s going to listen to it is going to listen to it and kind of forget about all of the stats and the numbers and the followers and the downloads.

Just share it and trust that it’s out in the world and you served someone, and you can just move on and share the next thing that calls to you that you feel inspired to talk about.

So this is the mindset shift. This is the thought process that has helped me put out a podcast episode every week. That has helped me share more on Instagram stories and on Instagram feed and any other social platform. That has help me while writing emails.

This is what helps me put myself out there because don’t get me wrong, just because you see me doing a weekly podcast doesn’t mean that sharing is suddenly easy and effortless and I just have no insecurities and I’m the most confident person in the world.

We all deal with those insecurities and those doubts and it’s very, very normal.

But by shifting your perspective, I hope this will help you create and share more easily like it has helped me create and share more easily and consistently.

I hope you found this mindset change helpful. If so, I would love to hear from you on Instagram. I really enjoy connecting with everyone there, especially with lessons they’re learning and takeaways from different podcast episodes and blog posts, so be sure to tag me on your Instagram stories or even just send me a DM on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you.

While we’re talking about content, I do just want to go ahead and let you know that I have released a Content Calendar Spreadsheet.

So if you are someone who creates content pretty regularly and you have struggled to plan and organize what content is going to go live and when, this is the exact spreadsheet that I use to plan my content and get a high level view of what is on the pipeline.

Thank you for listening!

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