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Build a Profitable Business You Enjoy with Haley Burkhead (TPL 006)

April 15, 2019

I’m talking with Haley Burkhead of Profit Planner.


For over six years, Megan has been helping people learn how to live a more meaningful, productive, and simplified life where they can truly have it all: a satisfying career, a fulfilling personal life, a strong mindset, and fun along the way! 


I’m talking with Haley Burkhead of Profit Planner all about how she has created a business that is both profitable (she shares her income report every month – they’re amazing!) but also truly enjoyable for her.

We also dive into how mindset can really change the entire course of your business and how you operate.

If your goal is to create a lifestyle you love that is support by your business, this episode is not one to miss! Let’s dig in.

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Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead - The Productive Life Podcast with Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

I'm talking with Haley Burkhead of Profit Planner all about how she has created a business that is both profitable (she shares her income report every month - they're amazing!) but also truly enjoyable for her. If your goal is to create a lifestyle you love that is support by your business, this interview is not one to miss!  FULL INTERVIEW HERE >>

Introducing Haley

Megan: I’m so excited to be talking to Haley Birkhead of Profit Planner today.

She and I are both very systems and operational oriented. We’ve both taught Asana courses. We’ve both taught a lot of tech and systems courses and it’s been so fun to finally get to know her better this past year.

We’ve been dm-ing on Instagram, finally got to meet in person really recently in Palm Springs, and now we’ve been on each other’s podcasts so it’s been so great to finally meet her in real life and get to know her better and I have been blown away by Haley.

This interview is incredible. We get really nitty gritty, but let me go ahead and just tell you a little bit about Haley before we get started.

Haley was able to quit her job and build a half a million dollar company in eight months at just 24 years old.

She is outgoing, enthusiastic, passionate, smart, strategic and such a inspiring and outgoing personality. You are going to love this interview. You will definitely want a pen and paper, especially when she starts mapping out what her company departments look like. So you’ve been warned, but let’s go ahead and jump right in.

You’re going to love this one.

Hey Haley, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. I’m excited to chat with you today.

Haley: Yes, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to chat with all of you.

Megan: Yeah. Okay. So first off, I would love for everyone to hear a little bit about you. So if you could just take a minute and tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do and then we can dig in.

Haley: Well, if you are an overworked, emotionally drained entrepreneur, we should become best friends because that is who I help and, and I specifically help overworked entrepreneurs, create stress free consistent income in their business so they don’t have to work all those crazy hours to get there.

Right? And, and so that’s what I do and that’s what I teach.

Megan: I love it. You are definitely speaking to the right audience for sure. I can’t wait.

So I like to get a little bit of context first before we just jump into a little bit more of how you’re, how you’re doing things. So first, can you just answer two quick questions for me? I’d love to hear a little bit about just how you make money in your business, what you’re selling, what you’re, what you do money wise.

And then, um, tell us a little bit about your team that helps you do this.

Haley: Okay, that, great questions.

So we have two products. Our first product is the Profit Planner Lounge and man it’s, it’s amazing if you are, I call these people hustle-preneurs.

They got their busy badge stamped proudly on their chest, a little bit of a workaholic and emotionally drained. This the Profit Planner Lounge is for you.

It helps you figure out what’s actually making you money. Then we create systems, automate and outsource it. Whatever’s not we trash. And we put everything that’s making you money on a simple color coded calendar, which I know is like mine and Megan’s love language, right? Like color coded calendar for life.

Anyway, that’s the Profit Planner Lounge and it’s an annual subscription: $67 a month for 12 months. So that’s the price point.

Second Product is called Recurring Profit. So this is a step up. This is a higher level version where you’re creating a team, like a dream team and a scalable sell system that doesn’t require you– only for course and membership site owners.

Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead - The Productive Life Podcast with Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

So PPL, Profit Planner Lounge. We have a lot of service based entrepreneurs. Recurring Profit, a lot of course membership site owners that want to create time, team, and total control of their business. So that’s …

Megan: I love it.

Haley’s Team Restructuring

Haley: Those are the two products and that one’s around $15,000 or so, that price point. So it is very high level. I’m going to use the word intense because it is for sure. Um, but man, it’s, it’s so much fun.

And my team, we, we had a bigger team of like seven or eight last year and then I let go of half of our team because we had someone on our team that hired people and when I let them go, I let go everyone that they hired. So now we have three or four people. We cut our team and a half and it’s been so amazing. Um, we’re basically scaling hours instead of scaling team members right now.

So we have a project manager slash integrator, uh, very like COO kind of person that handles a day to day operations. We have a growth manager or client success coordinator. Um, and, and then we have our graphic designer and bookkeeping. You know all those kinds of things. But yeah.

Megan: Awesome. So that’s a pretty big change to go from a bigger team to a smaller team. Have you, did you feel like it was a really difficult change? Did a lot of people on your team, the people that stayed around, did their jobs change pretty significantly? And you tell me a little bit about that transition.

Haley: So we let go of every single person except one person and then I had to rehire everyone else. It was, it was a very intense process. But, and let me tell you why. So you don’t think I’m just a crazy business owner?

Everyone listening are like, what? Why is she making this decision? So last year we went from zero to $36,000 a month. In six months. It was, it was crazy growth. And I sat there and instead of saying, wow, Hayley, you did a great job. Instead I told myself that I was too dumb to scale my business to a multimillion. I scaled it to a multiple six figures in six months. But I told myself that I couldn’t do it to a multimillion.

So instead of investing, because I was a dumb one in my family, so I was playing the story in my mind. Right. And instead of investing money in my brain and trusting myself, I invested money in a quote expert on, on scaling businesses. Now that I loved this expert that I hired. She is amazing, and I would still consider her a friend, you know?

But uh, when it came to my business and fitting into the culture of what I wanted, it wasn’t a good fit at all because she was under the belief at a subconscious level that the harder you work, the more money she made because, um, cause she was working at a place before that bred her to think that way.

It was like very high intensity workplace and coming into mine, completely different in my business where, you know, we’re all about not working a lot in and creating a lot of systems and streamlining things.

So I hired her and the way she made decisions was so different because I profit plan, I follow my method of running a business and I didn’t teach her that.

That was my fault. I didn’t teach her that way. I just assumed she knew better than me.

So whatever she did was the right way and my business took a nose dive, let me tell ya. Um, we hired the wrong people because I will, and I really wasn’t involved in the hiring process, really any sales process, anything. Um, our, our sells tanked, we were supposed to hit $70,000 one month. We actually ended up hitting 36 and then lost $17,000. Like it was a lot, like I didn’t see finance reports for a few months.

As you can see, business wasn’t going great. Um, and so then what I did, I had two weeks where all my team was on holiday break and I had to fix this massive tech issue that was happening with, through our company and I had to fix it myself.

And I was so happy, Megan. Like it was, it was so amazing. And I realized, oh my gosh, I feel like I’m out of control. And, and that’s, that’s the problem. I am smart enough to run my business.

And so we had a talk next month, uh, whenever she wasn’t on the team anymore, I fired everyone that she had hired basically.

And that was the best decision that I ever made. And then I hired someone else to run the business and I’m trained her from scratch and using my methods. And we have in two months we are, we were back to 40% profit margins, which losing $17,000 and then in 60 days getting to a 40% profit margin was crazy. Uh, but but we did it.

Changing Your Mindset as a Business Owner

Megan: That’s so impressive. And that just speaks a lot to, I think the, the idea of training someone in your own methodology who’s going to work with you in that capacity.

But before we even dig into that, cause I have questions. Um, I want to talk a little bit more about what you even shared.

Just the, basically this was a mindset issue. I mean there were practical things going on for sure. But the root of it, like you said, was your own mindset.

And so I know you said you kind of realized that while you were doing some work, but tell me a little bit more about how you, how did you overcome that mindset issue? And it sounds like you overcame it pretty quickly. So how did you go from thinking you know, your words that you are too dumb, which is just a mindset issue to realizing like tell me just a little bit more about how that process went for you.

Haley: Yeah, so, um, it took three months, which for me is way too long, but I could’ve gone for longer for sure. But yeah, I did feel like I was too dumb because I, I was the dumbest one in my family. Like, and I, I guess I need to rephrase that. So I was definitely not the smartest in my family. It’s not that I was dumb, it’s that I felt like I was dumb, you know what I’m saying?

Megan: Yeah.

Haley: And so with approaching all these decisions. I had all these stories in my mind is like, you know, you’re not smart enough to do this. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust my own intelligence and so what I would suggest if, and I have talked about so many, to so many people in the dms about this specifically.

And what my advice is to anyone that feels that way, the same way I did, invest in your brain because what I ended up doing was that first six months I hit multiple six figures so easy, I’m not going to lie.

It was so, because the Profit Plan method, like it’ll get you to a multiple six figures, but going to multimillion, like that’s a whole different story it’s a whole different mindset issue that I wasn’t prepared for.

And so in that case, like you have to invest more money into your brain and, and trust yourself and make gut decisions. And it’s even scarier because when you make a wrong decision, you’ll lose a lot of money. But I mean, as your business grows, you know the mistakes get a lot more expensive. But keep trusting your gut. And trusting your brain.

Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead - The Productive Life Podcast with Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

Megan: I love that. So when you say invest in your brain, I’m just curious, does that mean for you investing in your brain in strategic type of courses to help you learn what you have to do?

Or do you mean more of like even more mindset oriented type of courses?

Like what did that mean to you?

Did you invest in some, what did you invest in?

How did you invest in your brain?

You don’t have to tell me like the name of anything, but what types of things did you invest in?

Haley: Very high level programs but also investing time in your brain.

So what I mean by that is I’m in groups of people that are at a half million dollar level that are going to 1 million, 2 million with me.

Right? So like big goals, big dreams, big ambitions, and I’m investing my time to be in a group where my brain grows alongside of theirs.

Megan: I love that.

Haley: Yeah.

Megan: Okay. Yeah. And that is great. I was just curious and that answers it and it makes such a difference who you surround yourself with.

Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing all of that about your business.

I know that’s probably not something a lot of people would even want to share and I’ve just really loved following your journey over the past few months of how you’ve been sharing this publicly and the lessons you’ve been learning.

So I think it’s really valuable and a lot of people, even if they haven’t made the same mistake yet, I think the root of it is that mindset issue. Like you were saying, the lack of trust in yourself and I think everyone can learn from that and can relate to that.

I think the biggest part of being a business owner is trusting yourself and a lot of different ways. Um, okay, great. Well I want to get a little bit more into some productivity, how you spend your time. I want to, I want to hear a little bit more about you and I think this is going to be really interesting since I know you talk a lot about not working, you know, 24/7 so I’m super excited to hear how you’re spending your time.

So tell me first off, how much time do you spend working on average? Like what does, whether that’s daily or weekly?

How much Time Haley Spends Working

Haley: So I think it goes in seasons for sure. But like for instance, January, February, not a lot. I was maybe spending, hmm, two or three hours a day, maybe. But that was because, guess I’m going to be super transparent We’re going to be best friends after this. Because I was going through a lot of emotional eating things and so I had to put a lot of my energy towards healing my emotional eating problems that I was having. And so it depends.

But now I’m, I’m spinning probably five hours a day on things because we’re scaling our PPO partner program. I’m traveling more, I’m networking more, and I’m doing more podcast interviews. But I think the key it, I think the big thing is it’s not really how many hours I work per day.

It’s am I enjoying the hours that I’m working because I can work sometimes 12 hours a day and enjoy every single second and then the next day only want to work one hour and still be okay. It’s the, it’s the matter of like, do you have a business that allows you that flexibility? Like are you able to work when you want to? Not because you have to. And I think that’s the key of a successful, profitable business.

Megan: All right. I love that so much.

And so logistically I’d love to hear how do you, whether you’re working, you know, a couple hours, five hours, 12 hours, do you use any specific productivity method you do Pomodoros?

Do you track your time?

Do you have a plan that you know exactly what you’re doing every hour of the day?

Do you just wing it kind of? How do you approach your work time when you do sit down and work?

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Haley: So it looked a lot different when I was in a solo, when I was a solopreneur, when I was a solopreneur, I used what I teach called the SOA method. So it’s where you use post it notes and you figure out all of your profit producing projects and then you break them down into that color coded calendar.

We, I did this every single quarter. So I planned out what my days looked like on a calendar and I literally had to check it off. So I was only working, I dunno, maybe two hours a day then and we scale from zero to 36,000. So that’s what I did when I was a solo preneur and just had one VA. Now it looks a lot different. We were getting a lot because our team, I mean we’re collectively, I think spending over 90 hours a week on my business as a team.

And so it’s like a lot of hours, right? Which means we’re pumping out a lot of projects. It’s not like finishing two to three projects a week. We’re finishing like 10 to 20 projects a week. Right?

Or actually more than that sometimes. So, um, with that, it’s all about splitting my business up into different pillars, which I talk about in Recurring Profit where, so I’m trying to like, I don’t think I have my notebook near me. But anyways, we split it up into day to day marketing, client success and headquarters, HQ.

And so with our day to day, we have all of our recurring operation projects like content, social media, inbox management, stuff like that. Right? And so I base, we’ve outsourced all of that to Hannah and Ashley. And then whenever we go to marketing, I only handle top of funnel content and that’s scheduled on my calendar based on my marketing team, which is Ashley and Janet and all my ads managers.

And then they talk to our customer support person. So my customer support person talks to our marketing team because they pull out really key phrases that they’re saying around our product around the transformation that they want.

And, and then they, that moves up to me on the top of funnel content. So I work on that when I’m inspired too. And then that’s it. And then our client success team, that’s completely outsourced to, yeah, we just, we send videos whenever they join. Like we have a completely streamlined process. And then all of our HQ, like our finance and legal is outsourced. Like our business is so simple and streamlined.

We only have two products. Um, everything that has a system has a template to it. Um, and, and our templates are specifically to free up my team’s time, not so that I pay them less because a template actually helps them spend less time on things that I don’t want them spending time on so that they can spend more time loving on people and being a human, you know.

Megan: I love it. I love how you’ve designed it so that you get to really focus on how you phrase top of funnel content. And it sounds like everyone’s kind of working in the zone that they want to be and no one’s really feeling like they’re doing things that aren’t in their zone of genius, so.

Haley: Right.

Megan: This is brilliant. And um, you said you teach this team building structure in your a higher level program, right?

Haley: Yeah, in Recurring Profit. And I can give you an application link if anyone is interested, but it’s only for course membership site owners. But yeah.

Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead - The Productive Life Podcast with Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

The Business Software and Systems Haley Uses

Megan: Okay. That’s awesome.

I, so I have a nerdy question as a fellow systems lover. So when you have a, I know you have templates and I don’t know if you had called them SOPs or anything, but all of your processes that are documented, do you use Google docs to store those or do you use another software to store your processes, I’d love to hear what systems you use for that.

Haley: It has such a great question. So we use Process Street and we also integrate this into our project management system. So let’s have an example. So because I am very proud of how I set this up. Um, let’s say okay free Facebook group, right? So we have a daily task where Hannah has to accept all of our people in the free Facebook group.

And then we also have like we have like three subtasks underneath that.

So in Click Up, in that task, we have first link the SOP link from Process Street. So they can easily go to Process Street and see that the SOP at any time. And then we have the link to the Facebook group. So it’s like easy links from the Click Up task. So we’ve integrated Process Street on the tasks and click up that actually need it.

Megan: Okay. I see what you mean.

Yeah, I love that. That’s awesome.

Never used Process Street before but I’ve heard of it so I’m sure I’ll have to go look up different, it’s different pieces of software by the time we’re done with this conversation, you and I, we’re nerding out in palm springs recently about Click Up, which uh, I’m obsessed with right now. So I still need you to show me how to set it up so that I can learn all of your magical ways.

Haley: I will for sure.

Megan: Yeah, I love that. So that kind of leads me to what I wanted to hear from you next. Just again, I can’t talk to like another systems person without talking systems and software. Um, and so tell, give us the rundown of what major pieces of software that you use in your business.

I know we’ve said Click Up, you said Process Street. What else do you use?

Haley: Click Up, Process Street, Air Table. So we don’t use Air Table as a project management. We use Air Table for creating our, basically our, I call them pulse cards so that they would like checking the pulse of our business. Um, so we keep a pulse on our business every week and we track certain things. So for all of our sales sources, our funnels, I use Air Table and we have a spreadsheet of all of our major metrics that we track and, and then we have any, like our outreach spreadsheets in air table, we reach out to five different people a week to increase our network connection for our company, things like that. Yeah. So we use Air Table. I’m trying to think of other ones that we use. We’re using Bonjoro now.

Megan: Oh yeah, I love Bonjoro.

Haley: Us, too, so for all of our new Profit Planner Lounge members, our client support, our client success coordinators sends a custom video for them.

Megan: Do you use Google Drive to store files?

Haley: Dropbox.

Megan: Dropbox. Ooh.

Haley: Yeah. Yeah. I had a, I’ve had Google drive, delete all my stuff twice.

Megan: Don’t tell me that.

Haley: Back it up. I use Dropbox now. Yeah.

Megan: Okay. That’s awesome. Okay. Yeah, that seems like the major ones. I was just curious what else you had going. I know you use Zoom probably.

Haley: Yup. Yup. We use Zoom.

Self Care as a Business Owner

Megan: Awesome. Okay, great. Well I want to transition a little bit. We’ve talked about how you know, what your day kind of looks like. How do you, how do you make time for self care in your week or your days?

Haley: So I actually have, I actually am bored to be honest with you. I live in a very teeny tiny town and the current problem that I have right now is that my business is almost too automated, if that makes sense to where I get to love on my customers, which is fun because I love doing that.

I get to, you know, help out with that kind of stuff. But honestly, like I have too much free time on my hands. So I would rather work on projects right now.

Then do self care because I mean I can, I do maybe an hour or two hours a day on self care, exercise, Yoga. Um, I steam my face every night for 30 minutes. I do light therapy every day for 30 minutes. Like I do a lot.

I spend actually when I added up, cause I do meditation. I probably spend three hours on self care every day if I added it up. But I’m bored out of my mind. The other like I’m just so bored.

There’s nothing to do in this town. Like that’s my problem. We’re moving to Dallas though, so when I go to Dallas I think it’s going to change. We’re just going to be really interesting.

Megan: Oh my gosh. Congratulations on the move.

Haley: Thank you.

Megan: That’s exciting. Yeah, I think that’s awesome. And I think those are some good ideas for people who want to incorporate self care more. Did you feel like self care was as easy when you were a solopreneur or do you feel like it’s just gotten easier to make time for it as your business has kind of been re-organized? Restructured?

Haley: Yeah. I think it’s all about how you organize your business.

I mean people say that, oh once you have a team you’ll have time for self care. That’s not true. It is the habits and the thoughts that you have created while you’re building your business.

That will give you time for self care. Um, and I definitely think that it’s crucial and, and figuring out what kinds of self care you need. So for instance, for me sometimes working is self care and a meditative experience.

So if I’m super inspired and just, and I think there are a lot of people have like this work shame. I mean, and I, I talk about do less, make more all the time, but if I’m super inspired and I’m working, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s very meditative for me and I actually, my soul needs that.

And then sometimes what my soul needs as self care is to go to an event and talk to people and be social. Or sometimes I need a bubble bath and I need a facial or I need to go drive an hour and a half to move the closest facial place.

Right? Like I just listened to my body and say, what do I need today? And that’s my self care.

Megan: I love that. I love that approach to it. And this is related, but a tangent slightly. Have you read? Have you read WomanCode by chance? The book?

Haley: No, I’ve heard that three times though. So obviously I need to read it.

Megan: It’s clearly a sign. It’s fascinating.

She talks a lot about hormones, how your endocrine system works.

One of the biggest takeaways I had when I was reading her book that just blew my mind was how she talks about as women, we are cyclical creatures, we have menstrual cycles. And so your hormones are changing at every stage and your cycle. And how so many times we think we need to act and feel the same every single day.

But that’s not actually how we operate as women. And that’s not how we should expect ourselves to operate.

And so every new phase or stage of your cycle that you’re in, you will want to do different things. So certain cycle stages you are going to be more um, more internal.

You’re just going to want to be a little bit more cozy, chill, be a little bit more introverted and other weeks you’re going to be more extroverted.

Things are just going to feel easier for you. So that was really interesting how she talks about how you can actually even apply it to work.

Because if you know the times of the month where it’s really easy for you to be extroverted and you coordinate extroverted activities in that time, they’re going to feel really easy and not very taxing. Um, whereas if you tried to do them in a week where you’re naturally going to be more internal than it’s going to just be a challenge for you to do, them it’s going to feel harder, more resistance. Um, it’s a fascinating book that’s only like part of what she talks about, but it’s really changed my entire perception.

And so I think kind of what you’re even talking about with self care reminded me of this concept where it’s not only listening to your body every single day, but if you read the book or are really interested in kind of syncing with your cycle, you can even understand and anticipate like why you might be feeling those things at certain times of the month.

Haley: That makes so much sense that I love that.

Megan: You should totally read it.

Anyways, I know that was a little bit of a side tangent, but I think it’s really important when you’re talking about self care as women to understand that we don’t have to expect ourselves to like feel the same every single day.

And that’s usually when we run into trouble is when we do try to feel and act the same every single day. It’s just not how we’re built.

Haley: Yeah, totally.

Haley’s Biggest Win in Life and Business

Megan: Awesome. Okay, great. Well, I have a few questions and I want to ask you before we wrap up, so I want to hear first of all, what is the biggest win that you have had lately in your business or life or whatever?

Haley: Oh, biggest when? Oh my gosh. I think there’s so many, like there’s so many failures, but there’s so many ones too.

I’m trying to think of the best one. I would say hiring. Like that, that’s a weird one. But like right now I’m just, I’m really obsessed with the people on my team and specifically two women on my team that are big dreamers.

I think I, it took me a bit, but I have attracted people that I actually want to fit into my culture.

It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted my culture would be like. And now that I know I do feel like the universe is sending the correct people my way and allowing those connections to just kind of blossom.

So for instance, like I came back from the a two week California adventure, overwhelmed by all these ideas that were in my mind and I came back yesterday and we categorized all the improvements that I wanted to make.

We set deadlines to them, we organize it in Click Up. We assigned people to do it and it is now completely out of my mind.

Like I have people that when I open loops in my mind, they close them for me and I am so thankful for that. And I think that’s just a huge win because it keeps me sane. That’s it.

Haley’s Current Biggest Struggle

Megan: That’s definitely a huge win and not not a weird answer at all. And okay, on the flip side, what would you say is your biggest struggle right now?

Haley: Struggle. I mean, I feel like it’s always everyone and everyone should answer mindset, but I want to get some very specific with this one.

I think a big one that I’ve seen myself is a little bit of a as self sabotage mindset.

And I think there’s this identity that we have. So getting again, like getting the multi six figures was so different than getting to this next stage of business for me and like

I’m just going to be super transparent, but I feel like at this next stage I’m having to separate from my identity that I was grown up to believe that I was supposed to fit. You know?

And so I’m self sabotaging myself in a way sometimes where, okay, like little things. So on Facebook ads, I was so focused on CPA, which means cost per acquisition versus EPL, meaning earnings per lead. So I thought that our product is $67 a month for 12 months. So on Facebook ads, I said, okay, you can acquire a customer for $67 that way, 11 months of profit after that.

Right? So I’m breaking even on the first month. And I was okay with that. That’s a scarcity mindset because I wasn’t focusing on earnings per lead. We could have actually gotten more customers at a higher CPA and had more money. It would have been profit stacking.

So that mindset was a complete mindset switch for me on scaling a business because it feels uncomfortable because I have such a clearance rack mentality. I grew up shopping on the clearance rack, you know, so I’ve used Facebook ads as a clearance rack and I had to stop doing that.

I had to kind of tie in some masculine energy in a way towards our Facebook ad campaigns. And other one is, I came back from this trip so overwhelmed and I was being a little bit of a Negative Nancy to be honest with you.

Cause like I’m just overwhelmed. I just kept saying that over and over again. And my husband called me out and he said, Haley, you should be so thankful and have so much gratitude that you’re overwhelmed by all of these things that you want to improve.

And he said, it’s way better than you coming back with nothing. You didn’t waste your time. You came back with so much.

And what I realized was not only was I thinking negatively about that, but so many others things and it’s so little, you know, like a kind of a complaining in your mind, which everyone kind of does. Um, but it kept getting louder and louder as I said it.

And yeah, and so that’s a lesson to surround yourself with people that kind of call you out on your BS, right?

Because that happens like it’s human, like I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. No one is. And sometimes you kind of fall a little bit and you need someone to kind of call you out and say, hey, there’s a big hole in front of you. Don’t keep, stop walking.

Megan: Oh, that’s such a good one too, because I think that’s been something I’m personally learning right now as well.

I’m focusing a lot on mindset. I’m learning a little bit more about what some people call woo woo, you know, Law of Attraction or really, I’ve never seen myself as an intuitive person.

And so that’s been an identity shift I have to make is being like no I am an intuitive person. Um, but part of that is managing your thoughts and not that you can control your thoughts, but controlling what you dwell on.

And not has been a game changer for me even in just the past few weeks where I’ve been really, um, more aware of my thoughts is that when you are focused on the negative thoughts, they just fester and grow and like become a bigger deal. But when you can kind of clear them from your mind and focus more on the positive side, it makes a huge difference. And I’ve, yeah, I think that’s a great lesson. I’m so glad.

I’m glad you shared that and I want to hear now, what would you say is the biggest or the big goal that you’re working towards right now with your business?

Build a Profitable Business you Enjoy with Haley Burkhead - Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

Haley’s Big Goal in Business Right Now

Haley: Mm, big goal financially, revenue wise, 2 million. Um, the other big goal is, is getting to a place where it’s not just adding people to a product and is creating a movement. I don’t want to be a platform. I want to be a movement.

So like, I don’t know if you met revenue or either goal, but I’ll just say both. Yeah. I think what I really want to do this year is, is getting more visible so that more entrepreneurs break this unprofitable hustle cycle.

Like I am so sick of watching entrepreneurs get stuck in this cycle where they’re working super hard and not seeing any results from it or like seeing very little results from it. And I have a solution and I don’t want my solution to just be a product.

I want people to integrate this into your, enter their lifestyle and make this a movement online.

Megan: Oh, that’s amazing. I love that. Thank you for sharing both of those, too.

Yeah, pretty pretty open ended question, but those are both super inspiring and I can’t wait to see you accomplish them both this year.

You’re definitely going to do it. Um, okay.

Well one of my last questions is a little bit more fun. Um, but I’d love to hear about a favorite book that you’ve read recently. I don’t know how, I don’t know if you’ve been like reading.

Current Favorite Books of Haley’s

Haley: Oh I love reading.

Megan: So tell me like, do you have a favorite book that you’ve read recently that you wouldn’t mind sharing with our audience?

Haley: Um, I’m pretty sure this is the title. How to Never Lose a Customer Again.

Megan: Oh, I haven’t heard of that. It’s good? Did you like it?

Haley: I do. I really like it. I think now that we’re having more people in our product, I just want to love on them more.

You know, in high school, man, I am really transparent on this episode. In high school I was never like the cool kid, you know what I’m saying?

And I honestly didn’t feel seen or heard.

And so I’m carrying that into my business right now is like, if you’re in my products, I never want anyone to feel like they’re not seen, heard, or appreciated.

So that’s why I read this book was to make sure that I can carry out that mission when people become a customer of mine.

Megan: Oh, thank you for sharing. I’m definitely gonna look that book up. I love reading, but I feel like sometimes you just need some good recommendations, so I’m excited.

Haley: Totally.

Megan: Excited to hear that. Um, so thank you so much for such a transparent, inspiring, an honest interview, Haley.

I’d love to know where um, can you share with everyone where they can find you and learn more about you if they want to?

Haley: Yeah, if, if you are right now or like raising your hand and you’re saying, okay Haley, I am sick of the unprofitable hustle cycle too. I’m right there with you girl.

I want to be a part of this movement. Just join my free training at and I’ll make sure to send that link to Megan as well. So (this link is a workshop with Haley is happening in a few weeks if you want to register now!) it is completely free by the way.

So like yeah you don’t have to pay to go to the training but it talks about how to actually break that hustle cycle for yourself and what to replace it with, which is a three part profit plan system.

So if you’re curious about that at all, I definitely recommend that. Also I respond to every single DM uh, so go DM me on Instagram @ProfitPlanner. I am there and I am ready to chat it up with you.

Megan: Oh, I love that. Thank you again so much, Haley. I so appreciate your time and I can’t wait to chat with you again soon.

Haley: Yes, thank you so much.

Profit Planner Lounge with Haley Burkhead - The Productive Life Podcast with Megan Minns

Profit Planner Lounge | Recurring Profit Application

Megan: If you’re interested in Haley’s Profit Planner Lounge and want to learn more about what’s included, be sure to go to and that’s where you can learn all about the Profit Planner Lounge.

Y’all, I have seen the back end of this program and it is impressive. She guides you through her 90 day profit system, explains what the SOA method is, which she even mentioned on our interview today.

There’s monthly live hot seats. There is a whole library of courses where she walks you through how to set up your playbook, how to build your profit plan, how to project plan, and so much more.

There’s Facebook community and so much I have been very impressed by the quality and the caliber of this program.

So if you’re interested in learning more and joining the Profit Planner Lounge, be sure to go to or click the link beneath this podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

I hope you enjoy this interview and if you have anyone else that you think would be a great fit for The Productive Life podcast, be sure to go to where you can either ask a question for me to answer on the podcast or you can request a guest for me to interview.

I can’t wait to see what you submit and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you in the next episode.

Thank you for listening!

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