Megan helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals, get more done, and have more fun! She is the creator of Intuitive Execution™ and the host of The Productive Life podcast.


The next session of Intuitive Execution™ begins on August 26, 2019.


😫Are you tired of feeling burned out and overwhelmed?

👀Do you struggle to follow through on your plans?

🤷🏻‍♀️Are you stuck looking for other people’s approval, opinions, and strategies?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

By combining the power of planning, PRODUCTIVITY, and mindset…

You can accomplish your goals while working less and enjoying your life and business more!



In order to create the business and life you want, we have to know what that looks like! Planning effectively means that we define the vision, outcome, and goals you want to work on WITHOUT wasting time procrasti-planning and trying to be perfect.


How you spend your time reflects your true priorities. By increasing productivity and improving time management will help us be more efficient with our time. We’ll be able to achieve our goals more quickly since we’re using our time well!


Mindset is the key to breaking the burnout cycle, increasing confidence, and truly stepping into the next level for your life and business. If you’ve tried every productivity tactic and goal setting strategy out there, but haven’t seen results - it is because your mindset needs work!

Introducing: Intuitive Execution™

A unique, group experience where you’ll go from overwhelmed, unorganized, and unfocused…

to having total clarity, getting more done, and enjoying life and business more than ever!

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Intuitive Execution™ is a group coaching program that includes:

🎥4 Modules that teach you how to combine planning, productivity, and mindset to achieve your goals while having more fun

🔴4 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Megan to get the support, feedback, and answers you need!

🖥 Intuitive Execution™ Members Only Facebook Group where you’ll get support from all past and present members

📄Interactive Worksheets, Google Docs, and Spreadsheets to help you get clarity and get organized

🙌🏻Lifetime Access to the program so that you can get continued support even after the 4 weeks are over

Here’s what Cami had to say about Intuitive Execution™:

Cami Farey teaches entrepreneurs how to create beautiful simple websites that sell their services

“When Megan says that you can work less, and get more done, and enjoy everything more, it's not some like cute, fancy buzzword. It's actually what she teaches, and she teaches it in a really easy way. So if this non systems creative person can do this and get results, then you definitely can too.

The tools that I have now are things that I can take forward into the coming months and years, and I just know they're going to serve me so well over the long term. Don't hesitate. Megan's great. The program's great. I really loved it. So I'd strongly encourage you to join.”

Here’s what Kate had to say about Intuitive Execution™:

Kate Quin is a Brand and Content Manager for Creative Entrepreneurs


“Before joining IE I was feeling deflated, frustrated and not in control of my work schedule and certain aspects on my life. I had big ideas and changes I wanted to make but was stuck because I didn’t trust or believe I had what it took to make those dreams a reality. The things Megan has taught me through this program, like the mindset exercises and breaking down my goals in a way that actually seem achievable, have allowed me to regain excitement for what I do and given me the confidence that I can make things happen.

If you are looking to equip yourself with the tools to not only take action in your business but also enjoy the ride, this program is for you. You will walk away feeling more energized, more organized and that you can achieve anything you set out to do.”


Module 1: Planning and Goal Setting

Get clarity on your big picture vision for life and business

Decide your desired outcome

Create intentional goals

Finalize the projects you’ll be working on

Incorporate the 90-Day + 2-Week Planning cycle into your business


Module 2: MINDSET, identity, and Intuition

Learn how to connect with your intuition (even if you’ve never felt intuitive before!)

Incorporate the habits, routines, and patterns that will help you achieve your goals

Establish the rules and non-negotiable priorities you want to live by

Discover how to have more fun in your business and life

Increase your confidence so that you can show up in the way you want to in business


Module 3: Take action and be more productive

Create your ideal weekly and daily schedule

Learn how to manage your energy as it ebbs and flows

Incorporate proven productivity techniques to help you get more done in less time

Start managing your time in a way that reflects your priorities and goals



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Here’s what Stacy had to say about Intuitive Execution™:

Stacy Coyle is an Online Business Manager and Project Manager for business owners

“When Megan announced Intuitive Execution, it felt like perfect timing - I knew I wanted in on that magic. I was in the middle of a super busy period and felt I needed some help hopping off the express train to Burnoutville.

I didn’t know how much of the program I’d be realistically able to show up to, but I promised myself I’d make ALL the live calls at a minimum. I’m so glad I saw that commitment through, the live calls alone were gold! And really it just goes to show you can make time for anything if you really try!

Megan has such a calming energy and imparted her knowledge so thoughtfully. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the support we needed. I really appreciated all the work she clearly put in to building Intuitive Execution and time she invested in us.

The other members of the program were so inspiring. It was so nice to have a group of kick ass business owners on the same journey as me.

By the end of the 4 weeks, I had my schedule under control (hello work-life balance) and was feeling less tired and more energetic. I now feel more creative and positive about my business, and I know I have the tools to help me plan my schedule better. I’m feeling less reactive and finally feel free to think of the bigger picture.

Joining Intuitive Execution is really a no-brainer. If you want a better work-life balance, to show up in your business more confidently, and to build a schedule that finally works and takes the pressure off you, get your butt in there asap! ;)

Thank you so much Megan for creating Intuitive Execution, it’s been sublime!"

Here’s what Allison had to say about Intuitive Execution™:

Allison Caddy helps online business coaches achieve financial confidence and systems efficiency


“Before joining Intuitive Execution I had a lack of focus on what to work on and when and making decisions for my business - specifically offers and pricing. I was frustrated and disappointed at not being more focused and decisive. When I joined Intuitive Execution, I wanted to learn how to create a strategic plan and stay focused on tasks/projects that move my business forward yet have flexibility for when “life” happens.

After going through Intuitive Execution, I am now way more aware of my fear of failure and how it causes me to ignore my intuition and constantly search for external feedback. The awareness has allowed me to use tools such as journaling and affirmations to change my mindset and take imperfect action.

I now have the tools to work through my fear of failure in life and business. Understanding that my fear is the root of everything holding me back - need for control, perfectionism - has helped my believe I have what it takes to be a successful business owner.

I am surprised by the increase in confidence and focus now that I understand and believe the answers are in me. Learning how to trust myself - more importantly, why I wasn't trusting my intuition - feels like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now, everyday I am encouraging myself to go with my ideas and thoughts and adapt as needed. I do feel myself letting go of the control, but it's baby steps. I may only be crawling, but I believe someday I'll run.

I would recommend Intuitive Execution to anyone looking to take massive action in business or life. I absolutely loved the program. It was perfect for where I was struggling with the focus I need to launch my new business. The content helped me uncover so much of what was holding me back. Not only uncover but also provided countless tools to break through my fears and never look back. Megan met me right where I was at and together we passed numerous mile markers. Now with this finish line in sight, I smile thinking of all the finish lines to come, especially the ones I thought were out of reach. From the very bottom of my heart, "THANK YOU!"


Enroll now to get 22% off!

The price increases by $222 on August 22 at 5:00 PM Central


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Enroll now to get 22% off!

The price increases by $222 on August 22 at 5:00 PM Central


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