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How to Increase Your Visibility in 90 Days with Michelle Lewis (TPL 039)

Today I'm talking with Michelle Lewis, founder of Visibility Vixen.

Michelle Lewis is an Amazon best-selling author, podcast host and founder of The Celebrity CEO Method.

She teaches online CEO’s how to skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy and start landing press for their brand through Hollywood techniques in the Visibility Lounge.

She has been featured on Entrepreneur On Fire, TEDx Tarrytown, The Huffington Post, Medium and Buzzfeed.

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How Cami Went from Working 24/7 to Having Hobbies in 4 Weeks (TPL 035)

In this episode, I chat with Cami Farey, a designer and digital stratigest, about her transformative experience in my program, Intuitive Execution™.

Cami went from burnt out, spending all of her time working, to having spacious, fun-filled days where her work feels light without sacrificing results.

You're going to love this episode as we delve into Cami's experience with perfectionism, mindset, systems, intuition, and more.

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How to Journal for Increased Productivity, Clarity, and Self-Awareness (TPL 026)

Today I'm sharing four different types of journaling to use to gain more productivity, clarity, and self-awareness in your business and life.

I'll go through some key differences between this type of journaling and keeping a diary as well as paper journaling versus digital journaling.

Make sure you also download my FREE journaling prompts so you can get started with your own life-changing journaling session.

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