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Best Equipment for Videos and Podcasts

I've been getting a ton of questions lately on the equipment that I use when I record my podcasts and videos so I figured I would share them here. I'm gonna share the lighting, camera, and microphones that I use when I'm recording either a podcast or a video and I'll link to everything in this blog post so that you can find out more about each piece of equipment. 

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How to Track and Analyze Your Business Statistics

As a business owner, it's really important that you are collecting data about your business growth.

This will allow you to see trends and analyze what is and isn't working in your business.

Plus, you'll be able to make smart decisions about what to do next.

That's why I'm going to show you the exact spreadsheet and process I use to not only gather and collect data but to analyze it!

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How to Organize Your Business Files Using Google Drive

As business owners, it can be very easy to let all of your digital and electronic files pile up. But by taking a few minutes to set up a filing structure that works for you, it will not only be easy to maintain, but you'll know where to find everything the moment you need it. So let's get started. 

I use Google Drive to store and organize all of my files. And if you haven't signed up for Google Drive yet, you can go ahead and sign up right now. You get 15 gigabytes for free to start off, if you sign up for the Google Apps for Work, which is now called G Suite. You can actually get unlimited storage, which is what I have, and you can see I definitely need it. 

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