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8 Different Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

They are absolutely one of my favorite features of Squarespace!


Easy to set up. 


So what is a cover page?

Cover pages are one-page landing pages. The design and style is completely independent of the rest of your website and there is no navigation bar. You control exactly what is shown and how many options, links, and buttons your cover page has. 

Squarespace currently has 12 layouts to choose from and filters them in a few categories: Landing, Profile, Audio, Video, Location, and Twitter. While the layouts available are unbelievably flexible and versatile, they do present some of the layouts in a way that makes you unsure of what all you can do with them. 

That’s why I wanted to show you 8 different ways that you can use Squarespace’s cover pages for your business and blog!

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