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How to Connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace Button or Cover Page (With Step-By-Step Video Trainings!)

While ConvertKit makes it super simple to add a ConvertKit form to a Squarespace page, there may be situations where you want a Squarespace button to link to an opt-in instead.

Especially on Squarespace cover pages where you can’t add a ConvertKit form! 

So I created two video tutorials showing you exactly how to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace buttons! 

How to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace Buttons/Forms:

In order to connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace "button" you'll actually be using a Form Block instead of a Button Block. You'll also be using Google Sheets and Zapier to connect Squarespace and ConvertKit. 

Watch the video below to learn how to connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace Button:

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How to Change the Button Color in ConvertKit Incentive Emails

One of my favorite features of ConvertKit is the incentive emails that are unique to each opt-in form.

They have an amazing button feature that can be used to confirm someone's subscription, download a file, or even redirect them to a URL.

So versatile!

By default, all opt-in forms are styled to match ConvertKit's branding.

While this features a lovely shade of blue, not everyone wants blue opt-in forms or buttons in their emails. 

And thankfully, making this change couldn't be easier!

The ability to change this color is, however, a bit hidden at first.

I even had to contact support my first time using ConvertKit asking how to make this change. Once I heard the answer, I felt so silly!

And I've heard many of you experiencing the same thing.

So I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily change the button on the ConvertKit opt-in forms and incentive emails.

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Why I Switched From MailChimp to ConvertKit

You’ve heard how important your email list is for your business. 

You've read blog post after blog post trying to learn the right strategies.

You've added content upgrades to blog posts and opt-ins in the "right" places on your website.

You're putting energy and time into growing your list.

But if you're not on the right email platform, you may not even be able to take advantage of all your subscribers.

That’s why earlier this year, I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit. 

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