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How To Create a Content Calendar Using Asana

Today I'm going to show you how to create and manage your content calendar using a project management system called Asana.

By following these simple steps you'll have a content calendar that makes it so easy for you to create content consistently for your business!

Step #1: Create a project in Asana for your content calendar.

The first step is to create a new project in Asana for your content calendar. You could just name it content calendar, or if you want to get more specific feel free...

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How To Break Bad Habits and Create New Habits In 5 Easy Steps

Today I'm going to teach you how to break your bad habits and create new ones instead.

By following the five simple steps I have for you, you're going to start breaking those bad habits and replacing them with newer, better ones, right away.

Step #1: Ask why and ask it twice!

Number one is to ask yourself why you have the bad habit, and ask it twice. The reason we want to ask why and ask it twice, is we want to get to the real root of the problem here.

For example, if your bad habit is that you oversleep in the morning, or you press snooze too many times, the problem isn't necessarily just that you're oversleeping. If that's what your bad habit is, ask yourself why you have it. Why do you oversleep? Why do you press snooze?

Your answer might be because you're tired. You're just too tired to wake up that early.

But that's also not really the root of this. Ask yourself why one more time. Why are you too tired in the morning? The answer might because you stay up too late.

You just simply stay up too late, so you're too tired that early in the morning. That's the real why. That's the real issue here...

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How To Organize Your Business: 3 Steps To Set Up Your Business Systems

If prospective clients and customers saw how you were running your business… would they still want to work with you?

  • Are you too too busy to organize your files, so you haphazardly name them, drop them on your desktop, and have no idea how to find anything when you need it?
  • Does every day feels like you're starting from scratch?
  • Do you write your notes and reminders in too many places and don't have a "home base" setup for your business.

With so many things to juggle, it’s easy for things to get overwhelming and out of control. 

That’s why it is important to set up a foundation of systems for your business that will help you get organized and stay organized. 

And it only takes 3 simple steps to get started! 

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How To Plan Your Day Effectively (The Night Before!)

Today I'm going to show you how you can plan your day the night before.

By using my three simple steps, you will have a more productive and efficient day every day.

Step 1: Plan out what an ideal day would actually look like for you.

This is where you're going to plan out everything you want to do in an ideal day. When are you going to work out, or eat, go run some errands, take breaks, actually work? Seeing how much time you realistically can work is important.

If you want to take things to the next level, I really encourage you take advantage of The Pomodoro Method...'

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5 lessons learned after one year as a full-time entrepreneur

This week is my one year anniversary of leaving my corporate job and becoming a full-time business owner!

After “side hustling” since the summer of 2013, this was a moment that I dreamed of and fantasized about for a long time. 

And let me tell you something, it has been a dream come true!

It hasn’t been perfect. It hasn’t been easy. And I’ve gone through some really emotional, stressful, frustrating, and disappointed times in the past 12 months. 

But I know now that the risk I took 12 months ago was the right decision and it has been worth every thing it took to get to this point. 

All of the time I spent side hustling? 

Worth it.

All of the hours I worked? 

Worth it.

Every social event I had to pass up to work?

Worth it. (Sorry friends, I still love you!)

So I wanted to share with you 5 (okay, really 6) lessons that I learned in my first year of being a full-time business owner.  

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How to easily create branded short links on Squarespace for free

Tired of forgetting your affiliate links?

Want to send your fans to a specific page but hate how long the URL is?

Have a broken link on your website you need to redirect?

Want branded short links without paying for a premium level account?

You can do all of these things (and more!) on Squarespace for free.

That’s right!

The ability to redirect your readers anywhere you want is built in to your Squarespace website by default - it’s called URL Mapping.

If you’ve heard of URL Mapping, it was probably when you migrated to Squarespace from another platform and needed to ensure your blog post links were getting redirected correctly.

But have you touched it since then? If not, you are missing out on a powerful tool.

One example of how you can use URL Mapping is to send people to a shorter affiliate link.

For example, will redirect you to my ConvertKit affiliate link. Way easier than telling you to go right?

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of creating a branded short link and how to do it within your Squarespace site!

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How to Connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace Button or Cover Page (With Step-By-Step Video Trainings!)

While ConvertKit makes it super simple to add a ConvertKit form to a Squarespace page, there may be situations where you want a Squarespace button to link to an opt-in instead.

Especially on Squarespace cover pages where you can’t add a ConvertKit form! 

So I created two video tutorials showing you exactly how to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace buttons! 

How to connect ConvertKit to Squarespace Buttons/Forms:

In order to connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace "button" you'll actually be using a Form Block instead of a Button Block. You'll also be using Google Sheets and Zapier to connect Squarespace and ConvertKit. 

Watch the video below to learn how to connect ConvertKit to a Squarespace Button:

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The Best Squarespace Templates (and what you need to do before you switch templates!)

It's no secret that I'm a huge Squarespace fan. But picking the right template can be a little overwhelming at first.

Squarespace has so many beautiful templates that it can take a lot of time to really investigate all of them.

There are several templates labeled as a certain "type" of website that are more versatile than they appear. Which means you need test out a template to even see its full potential.

But this takes time.

It can overwhelm you.

And it can lead to analysis paralysis.

Which I try to avoid at all costs.

So instead of comparing every Squarespace template, I'm going to save you time by laying out the 3 best templates for entrepreneurs.

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Set Up Your Landing Page in 5 Minutes (Simple and Stress-Free!)

I have a feeling you're waiting to start something.

Waiting to start a blog or website...

Waiting to start working on a new course or product...

Waiting to put yourself out there...

And its probably because you don't know where to start.

I feel you!

That's why I wanted to show you the ONE thing you can do in less than 5 minutes (no really) that will allow you to just get started: Setting up a landing page.

This week I did two live workshops with Mariah Coz of, where we walked over 2000 people through setting up a landing page. A hands-on tech training.

And we got incredible feedback! People were actually creating their landing pages with us live!

It made me realize that so many of you are in a situation where you could benefit from this too!

So I've created a full hands-on step-by-step tutorial of how to create a landing page using Squarespace... and the entire video is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds long.

No lie.

But I took it one (or three!) steps further...

I also created 3 follow up tech trainings on how to connect YOUR email platform to the buttons on a Squarespace landing page:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. ConvertKit
  3. Leadboxes

So no matter what platform you're using, you can use this to get your landing page up in just a matter of minutes!

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How to Change the Button Color in ConvertKit Incentive Emails

One of my favorite features of ConvertKit is the incentive emails that are unique to each opt-in form.

They have an amazing button feature that can be used to confirm someone's subscription, download a file, or even redirect them to a URL.

So versatile!

By default, all opt-in forms are styled to match ConvertKit's branding.

While this features a lovely shade of blue, not everyone wants blue opt-in forms or buttons in their emails. 

And thankfully, making this change couldn't be easier!

The ability to change this color is, however, a bit hidden at first.

I even had to contact support my first time using ConvertKit asking how to make this change. Once I heard the answer, I felt so silly!

And I've heard many of you experiencing the same thing.

So I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily change the button on the ConvertKit opt-in forms and incentive emails.

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