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8 Different Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

They are absolutely one of my favorite features of Squarespace!


Easy to set up. 


So what is a cover page?

Cover pages are one-page landing pages. The design and style is completely independent of the rest of your website and there is no navigation bar. You control exactly what is shown and how many options, links, and buttons your cover page has. 

Squarespace currently has 12 layouts to choose from and filters them in a few categories: Landing, Profile, Audio, Video, Location, and Twitter. While the layouts available are unbelievably flexible and versatile, they do present some of the layouts in a way that makes you unsure of what all you can do with them. 

That’s why I wanted to show you 8 different ways that you can use Squarespace’s cover pages for your business and blog!

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7 Things Squarespace Does Better Than Other Platforms

If you have a business, you know how important your website is. It builds your email list, sells your products, and establishes you in the online world. 

... But are you spending more time trying to get your website to look right, than you are actually creating content for your website? Or creating products? 

... Are you waiting for your designer to add a new sales page to your website and costing you sales? 

... Do you feel like your website is holding you back or makes you look unprofessional? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then it sounds like you need to re-think your website strategy. 

Because your website shouldn't be taking up your time, adding stress to your life, or embarrassing you. Your website should be easy.

And that's where Squarespace comes in. 

While Squarespace has too many amazing features for me to cover in one sitting, I want to highlight seven things that Squarespace does better than other platforms. 

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Why I switched from WordPress to Squarespace (and 5 reasons why it is the best website platform for busy entrepreneurs!)

Before we get started, I want to say that I’m a huge WordPress fan! The functionality and possibilities in WordPress are unlimited and it might be the best platform for your business. 

But if you’re a Side Hustler, I highly recommend you keep reading and see why I made the switch to Squarespace!

I’ve been building websites since I was in sixth grade. I remember learning HTML on a website called Funky Chickens (which still exists!) and making text scroll across a page was my favorite thing in the world! 


So when I decided to start my design business a few years ago, I went with the most robust platform out there: WordPress. WordPress was being hailed as the pinnacle for a business owner. If you had a business online and were “serious” then you needed a WordPress website. 

Since I’m a bit of a computer nerd, I didn’t find it hard to learn and loved the challenge of building a website from scratch. 

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