7 Things Squarespace Does Better Than Other Platforms

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If you have a business, you know how important your website is. It builds your email list, sells your products, and establishes you in the online world. 

... But are you spending more time trying to get your website to look right, than you are actually creating content for your website? Or creating products? 

... Are you waiting for your designer to add a new sales page to your website and costing you sales? 

... Do you feel like your website is holding you back or makes you look unprofessional? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then it sounds like you need to re-think your website strategy. 

Because your website shouldn't be taking up your time, adding stress to your life, or embarrassing you. Your website should be easy.

And that's where Squarespace comes in. 

While Squarespace has too many amazing features for me to cover in one sitting, I want to highlight seven things that Squarespace does better than other platforms. 


#1. Drag + drop design

This feature alone will change the way you feel about your website. The true ability to drag and drop "blocks" and re-size them with ease, will make you website dreams come true. 

Add an image, drop it in your text, and the text will automatically wrap around it. Want to change how wide the image is? Just put your mouse on the edge of the picture, drag it in, and Squarespace will crop it for you. 

You can imagine how useful this would be. Columns wherever you want, text wrapping around opt-in boxes, graphics, videos, and more! 


#2. Newsletter boxes

Adding a newsletter or opt-in box to your website should be easy. After all, growing an email list is one of the primary purposes behind your website. But I always found this to be oddly difficult in Wordpress. You have to buy the right plug in, probably pay for one, get it customized, and then you're stuck with it. 

Squarespace makes this blissfully easy. Drop in a newsletter box wherever you want it, change the text, connect it to Mailchimp, and you're done! It can be that simple.


#3. Buttons 

Buttons are the ultimate call to action! And on Squarespace, you can add them anywhere. Some templates (like the one I use) even have buttons you can add in the main navigation and in the header of each page. 

Squarespace takes things to the next level by allowing you to have 3 different sized buttons that can all have different styles. That way you can distinguish them from one another. 


#4. Announcement bar

I love that Squarespace has announcement bars built in! Announcement bars are really smart to use when you've got a webinar coming up, have a new product you want to call attention to, or when you have a time sensitive launch going on. Squarespace lets you quickly enable (or disable) your announcement bar, change the text, add a button to it, and more!


#5. Mobile responsive

While other platforms may have themes that are mobile responsive, I always found that I could never get things just right. My logo would be off-center, a graphic wouldn't re-size right, or the menu wouldn't adjust correctly. I always found this extremely frustrating. 

Not only does Squarespace seamlessly transition based on screen size, it also allows you to view - in live mode - what each page of your website will look like based on the device your audience is on.


#6. Style editor

Squarespace's style editor is one of a kind. While viewing your website, you can change the formatting and view the changes instantly. Plus, you can easily undo them by pressing a little "x" next to your change, or cancelling the entire session. 

We're talking fonts, colors, sizes, button styles, header transparency, and so much more. For people who don't want to waste time with CSS or who want to see their new style changes in effect before saving your changes, you will love the Style Editor.

While in the Style Editor, you can select any part of your website, and it will show you the design options affecting that specific part of your website. This tool is powerful and will save you so much time! 


#7. Cover pages

Cover Pages in Squarespace are extremely powerful, versatile, and easy to use. Create a "Coming Soon" page in a matter of clicks. Add a new landing page to your website with ease. Or even create a "Welcome Gate" as an alternative home page. 

The options are truly endless. Each Cover Page you create has its very own Style Editor and Settings. This means you can customize your Cover Page without affecting the style of the rest of your site! 


These seven features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Squarespace and how it can help you build a website that sets you up for success in your business.