How to Change the Button Color in ConvertKit Incentive Emails

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One of my favorite features of ConvertKit is the incentive emails that are unique to each opt-in form.

They have an amazing button feature that can be used to confirm someone's subscription, download a file, or even redirect them to a URL.

So versatile!

By default, all opt-in forms are styled to match ConvertKit's branding.

While this features a lovely shade of blue, not everyone wants blue opt-in forms or buttons in their emails. 

And thankfully, making this change couldn't be easier!

The ability to change this color is, however, a bit hidden at first.

I even had to contact support my first time using ConvertKit asking how to make this change. Once I heard the answer, I felt so silly!

And I've heard many of you experiencing the same thing.

So I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily change the button on the ConvertKit opt-in forms and incentive emails.

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1. Go to the Form you want to edit the colors on


2. Select the "Magic Wand" icon in between the Subscribers and Save buttons


3. Change the colors to match your brand - pay particular attention to the Button Color settings

You'll see that these changes also affect the opt-in form in the preview window.

You're done! 

Yes, it really was that simple!


I'm not sure why the "Magic Wand" icon doesn't have a text description next to it like all of the other icons, but I know it can be easy to overlook when you first start using the system. 

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