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Life Update: Self-Employed, Mindset, and Miscarriage (TPL 009)

It's getting dark outside. It's seven o'clock. I've got a glass of red wine and y'all, I don't have a outline for this episode because it's a bit more casual.

It's a bit of a different type of episode then I've done so far and it's really an update.

There has been a lot happening behind the scenes since I started the podcast and I just want to give you guys a little transparent update across all fronts.

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What is a Productive Life? (TPL 001)

Welcome to the first episode of The Productive Life podcast! In this episode, we're getting personal! I'm sharing my story, how I started my business, and what I've been up to the past year. We're also talking about what productivity really means and what you can expect from The Productive Life Podcast.  

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