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Why I Switched Back to Asana from ClickUp (TPL 021)

In this episode I share some of the pros and cons of Asana and Clickup, and why I ultimately chose to go back to using Asana for my business.

If you're a systems nerd like me, or you're researching which project management system you want to start using, this is for you!

There is no one size fits all platform, but listen in for the key features I love about Asana.

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How to Create a Content Calendar Using Google Sheets

Have you been struggling to consistently plan content? Are you tracking every piece of content that you publish in one place?

If you’re feeling scattered and want to streamline how you plan content, and you want one easy, central place to do it all, this tutorial on creating a content calendar spreadsheet using Google Sheets is for you!

You’ll learn my exact, easy process, and you can download your content calendar and quickly get started and organized.

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Build a Profitable Business You Enjoy with Haley Burkhead (TPL 006)

I'm talking with Haley Burkhead of Profit Planner all about how she has created a business that is both profitable (she shares her income report every month - they're amazing!) but also truly enjoyable for her.

We also dive into how mindset can really change the entire course of your business and how you operate.

If your goal is to create a lifestyle you love that is support by your business, this interview is not one to miss! Let’s dig in.

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How to Track and Analyze Your Business Statistics

As a business owner, it's really important that you are collecting data about your business growth.

This will allow you to see trends and analyze what is and isn't working in your business.

Plus, you'll be able to make smart decisions about what to do next.

That's why I'm going to show you the exact spreadsheet and process I use to not only gather and collect data but to analyze it!

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How to Organize Your Business Files Using Google Drive

As business owners, it can be very easy to let all of your digital and electronic files pile up. But by taking a few minutes to set up a filing structure that works for you, it will not only be easy to maintain, but you'll know where to find everything the moment you need it. So let's get started. 

I use Google Drive to store and organize all of my files. And if you haven't signed up for Google Drive yet, you can go ahead and sign up right now. You get 15 gigabytes for free to start off, if you sign up for the Google Apps for Work, which is now called G Suite. You can actually get unlimited storage, which is what I have, and you can see I definitely need it. 

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How To Create a Content Calendar Using Asana

Today I'm going to show you how to create and manage your content calendar using a project management system called Asana.

By following these simple steps you'll have a content calendar that makes it so easy for you to create content consistently for your business!

Step #1: Create a project in Asana for your content calendar.

The first step is to create a new project in Asana for your content calendar. You could just name it content calendar, or if you want to get more specific feel free...

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How To Organize Your Business: 3 Steps To Set Up Your Business Systems

If prospective clients and customers saw how you were running your business… would they still want to work with you?

  • Are you too too busy to organize your files, so you haphazardly name them, drop them on your desktop, and have no idea how to find anything when you need it?
  • Does every day feels like you're starting from scratch?
  • Do you write your notes and reminders in too many places and don't have a "home base" setup for your business.

With so many things to juggle, it’s easy for things to get overwhelming and out of control. 

That’s why it is important to set up a foundation of systems for your business that will help you get organized and stay organized. 

And it only takes 3 simple steps to get started! 

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How to Plan your Content, Revenue Goals, and Product Launch Timeline With These Exact Spreadsheets

How's your 2016 going so far? 

Am I the only one who feels a little frustrated with how the first quarter of this year has gone?

I had so many plans!

Products to launch, blog posts to write, workshops to host, and yet I've done almost none of it so far. 

And it's because I got lost in the day-to-day of running a business and having client work, that I never made the time to map out HOW I was going to get "all the things" done.

So, last week I decided to change that. I grabbed a glass of wine (that's how you know it was serious!) and sat down at my desk to get everything out of my head and into reality.

What came out of it was an epic set of spreadsheets.

When I shared these spreadsheets with some of my biz-besties, they were dying to get their hands on them to use in their own business!

So even though these were originally created to help me plan out the rest of my year, I've decided to share the entire process with you!

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