8 Different Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

Have you heard about Squarespace's cover pages yet? They are absolutely one of my favorite features of Squarespace! In this blog post, I'm breaking down 8 different ways to use cover pages for your business and blog with real life examples. PLUS, I've got a free Squarespace course that walks you through the entire platform (including cover pages!). Check it out >> http://www.meganminns.com/blog/8-ways-cover-pages

Have you heard about Squarespace’s cover pages yet? 

They are absolutely one of my favorite features of Squarespace!


Easy to set up. 



So what is a cover page?

Cover pages are one-page landing pages. The design and style is completely independent of the rest of your website and there is no navigation bar. You control exactly what is shown and how many options, links, and buttons your cover page has. 

Squarespace currently has 12 layouts to choose from and filters them in a few categories: Landing, Profile, Audio, Video, Location, and Twitter. While the layouts available are unbelievably flexible and versatile, they do present some of the layouts in a way that makes you unsure of what all you can do with them. 

That’s why I wanted to show you 8 different ways that you can use Squarespace’s cover pages for your business and blog!


1. Collecting Emails While Your Website is Under Construction

Launching a new website or course? Rebranding your business? There are lots of reasons you might want to put up a "coming soon" or "under construction" page, but you don't want to lose potential leads with a dead end page. That's why Squarespace cover pages make amazing coming soon pages! 

Use this an opportunity to build excitement, anticipation, and your email list! 

Five 12 Studio is using their cover page to collect email addresses while they refocus their blog and business to a larger market. Bonus points: They're sharing their recent work so their portfolio is still visible while their cover page is up!

This was my cover page while I was relaunching my blog and business for side hustlers. It was hugely successful and positioning myself in this new niche while also building my email list (and validating my new focus!). 


2. Promoting a New Course or Offering

Do you have a new course or offering for your audience? Cover pages can be an amazing way to capture their attention and interest with an engaging layout. 

Annapurna Living takes things to the next level by adding a special video announcement from their Founder all about this new course! They've also made this their home page so it immediately tells their audience about this brand new offering. So smart!

When Femtrepreneur launched their new course, they replaced their home page with this sleek cover page. Not only did it announce the course to their audience, but it went one step further and added some urgency by sharing the day the course closed! 


3. An Event Registration Page

Hosting an event soon? Whether it is an in-person workshop or an online webinar, cover pages are a great way to collect sign ups! 

In this example, visitors can sign up for the in person Dear Love Brunch! They have all of the information they need, a place to sign up, and the picture does an amazing job of emphasizing the importance of in-person community. 

Dearest Olive Studio took this to the next level by changing her home page to this effective and clear cover page. That way any one who visits her website, knows about her upcoming webinar so they can sign up!  

While I use LeadPages to collect registrations for webinars, I know some of you may not be ready for an investment of that size just yet. While cover pages are not optimized for conversions for webinars (like LeadPages are), it is a great budget-friendly alternative that can still look sleek and professional!


4. Promoting a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is a brilliant way to build your email list, but sometimes it can be hard to promote them on your website. Cover pages to the rescue! 

One of the best part about cover pages is how easy and fast they are to create. Giveaways usually only last for 1-2 weeks, so being able to promote this page during the life of the giveaway and then disable the page is a really smart way to promote the giveaway to your audience without spending too much time on a more complex page.

When Femtrepreneur hosted their Webinar Rockstar giveaway this year, Mariah changed her home page to this cover page and the giveaway entries exploded! Mariah does an excellent job of changing out her home page to different cover pages that reflect what she's correctly promoting in her business. 

Here we have Indigo Colton's cover page that is promoting a giveaway too! By replacing her home page with this page, she's calling attention to the limited-time offer in a super effective way! Bonus points: Indigo has chosen some amazing colors and engaging copy that really draws the attention of the reader and tells them why they need to enter the giveaway right away!


5. A Thank You Page

Want to thank your subscribers for downloading a freebie or signing up for a webinar? Cover pages can be a great way to do this!

I actually couldn't find any examples of this to show you, so I made one myself! I even put in buttons to share on Twitter or Facebook if you want to ask your audience to share the free download you gave them! 


6. Your Home Page

While some of these examples have already shown you that cover pages can be used as home pages to highlight a new course or an event, I think cover pages can make an amazing home page alternative year-round!

I love this cover page as a home page. You can just feel the heart and soul behind the Lush Folk brand. Bonus points: The amazing video background on the home page. Absolutely jaw dropping. This still shot doesn't do it justice! 


7. Promoting a Lead Magnet

If you're trying to grow your email list, mot likely you offer free courses and downloads to your audience. Cover pages are a beautiful and simple way to wow your audience with your free offers!

ShePlans leaves a lasting impression with this lead magnet page. ShePlans has a line of planners and uses their free opt in as a way to introduce new customers to their layout and formatting. Not only is it a valuable offer, but this cover page does an incredible job of describing and enticing the reader!

Nesha Designs, has replaced her home page with this great cover page promoting her free course! As a designer, it makes perfect sense for her to promote this on her home page because most likely any one coming to her site is interested in learning more about branding and design (or working with her!).  I love how clean, light, airy, and minimal this design is too! 

Are you drooling yet? I love this punchy cover page that Fresh by Sian has put up as their home page. Their promoting a whole library of freebies on this cover page and I love two things they've done here in particular: (1) They have created a graphic that helps the audience visualize the offer, and (2) Instead of using a second button to continue to the rest of the site, they’ve made that a text link. This makes the neon green “Hell Yeah, I’m In!” stand out even more. I love it!


7. Promoting Your Podcast

Do you have a podcast or audio series? Cover pages can be an amazing and beautiful way to not only promote your podcast, but to share updates with fans, important links, free downloads, and more!

I am a huge fan of Jen Carrington’s Make It Happen podcast. Her podcast’s website is gorgeous, amiright? She’s using this cover page to let everyone know that Season 2 is on its way and giving some important links (where to find Season 1, how to contact her, and how to sign up for updates). Bonus points: Jen actually uploaded this 3.5 minute audio file to the cover page with a special message to her audience. So smart and perfect for a podcaster!


How to Create a Squarespace Cover Page: