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"Megan Minns is one of the most organized entrepreneurs I know."

"Systems and process come naturally to her and the best part is, she knows how to relay her genius to everyone else in a simplified fashion. We implemented Megan's Asana system for project management and it has been one of the best ways to organize our team."

- Sunny Lenarduzzi,  sunnylenarduzzi.com
"My business would not have grown as fast as it did if it wasn't for Megan's incredible ability to organize, lead, and manage everything about a high-growth online business."

"Megan has given me such an incredible gift by helping me (and my non-linear, creative, deadline-loathing personality) work in a way that is organized and productive. She helps me design the way I work to be effective, giving me the structure someone like me needs to thrive and create impact."

- Mariah Coz, femtrepreneur.co
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