What is a Side Hustler?

Are you wondering what a Side Hustler is?

A Side Hustler is someone who has a full-time job, while also running a business on the side.

Hence, the “Side Hustler” nickname. 

Are you a Side Hustler? I am! 

As a fellow hustler, I know how much you've got going on and how many things you’re trying to balance in your life.

Sometimes it just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day!

And your brain probably looks something like this at any given point in time (without the nice, even proportions of course!):

In addition to the juggling act you've got going on, it's also likely that people in your life don't understand why you do what you do. 

Those close to you might suggest that you take the "easier" route and just stick to your full-time job. But you know you want (hell, you need!) more than that.

So you turn to the entrepreneurial world - a place where you think you'll fit in perfectly - only to feel like you fall short because you still have a full-time job. 

So you start to feel stressed, lonely, and inadequate. I feel ya!

But you need to know something: Being a Side Hustler does not make you less of an entrepreneur. 

Being a Side Hustler is something to be proud of! 

You are working harder than pretty much any one you know. You are stimulated, challenged, and fulfilled.

How many people in your life can say they truly feel fulfilled in what they do?

Being a side hustler is a sweet deal.

You've got some spare change to invest in your business and you've got nothing but time to really make it what you want.

Remembering this can be hard though. And that's why you need a community.

It's time to embrace your side-hustling ways and join a community of other Side Hustlers. A place where Side Hustlers can all collaborate, vent, bounce ideas, and support one another. 

Are you a Side Hustler? 

If so, leave a comment below and share a little bit about your Side Hustle - be sure to include a link to your website too so we can all see what amazing things you do! 


Megan Minns

Business Strategist for Side Hustlers